The internship experience of job seekers is highlighted in recruitment. It is also one of the most important factors for HR to measure candidates social experience and comprehensive ability.

Internships can help you make the transition from the classroom to a career. So as a student in school, apart from classroom study, an internship is an effective way to gain valid knowledge, improve skills and accumulate experience. Internships provide real world experience for students to make full use of theories in campus. Another advantage is the ability to expand your professional network. The relationships you build at an internship can not only lead to good references, but can lead to immediate and future job opportunities. Partaking in internships sets student apart from his or her peers.

KAJIMA is a world-class company that has a long history and excellent company culture. KAJIMA China, one of its overseas subsidiaries, is committed to contributing to the society with professional techniques and strives to become a long-term beloved enterprise in China. We are also willing to provide a platform for young talents.

The requirement of Internship position is no limitation for school year or experience. Each position is with professional and experienced training instructors, and a reasonable internship plan is made.

Students are able to choose short-term internships during the winter and summer holidays or regular working days according to curriculums.

We hope your social practice in KAJIMA China will provide you with a meaningful experience in your student life. If you love challenges and pay attention to career growth, for more information, please check our homepage.

Internship Position Job Description   Internship (hourly wage)

Architecture Designer

Train to be a architecture designer balancing design, cost and schedule

Structure Designer

Training to be a structure designer based on the role of general contractor designer

Facility Designer(Mechanical)

Training to be a mechanical system engineer of AC, ventilation and sanitation

Electricity Designer

Training for electricity engineering regardless of strong and weak current

Constructing Building

Training for the basic skills of Constructing Building management

Facility Installation

Training for the basic skills of Facility Installation


Assist data search and collect for sales or marketing industry