Privacy Policy

The basic principle
Our company deeply understands that the personal information of customers is the important information that constitutes its privacy. When dealing with the personal information processing in the business, we will require all employees to pay special attention to the protection and manage to the personal information of customers in accordance with China's domestic law and regulation on personal information protection and the following provisions.
1. The Use of Personal Information
Personal information of customers will be taken a lawful and fair method to collect, which will only be used in legitimate purpose and within the reasonable scope required. At the same time, personal information is ensured that never used in other purposes.
2. Protection and disclosure of personal information
Our company will take careful management action for protecting the customer personal information. No disclosing or providing customers' personal information to any third party, unless the following 3 kinds of circumstances,
(1) Approvals for customers’ permission
(2) Under the basis of appropriate confidentiality measures, personal information is delegated external processing for business needs
(3) Conforming to legal law and regulation, our company warrants that appropriate protective measures will be taken to prevent illegal access, loss, damage and tampering of personal information.
3. The sophisticated management system of personal information protection
Our company will continue to improve the sophisticated management system and content related to personal information protection.
4. Privacy Inquire
In the process of inquiring the personal information of customers, if the personal information individual requests to know the purpose of the use of personal information, then requesting to disclose, modify, discontinue the use even delete the personal information, our company needs take prompt measures and stops providing personal information to any third parties.