Message from Chairman

Kajima is the most famous international construction company in the world’s top 100 brands companies. Kajima was established in 1840, has 178 years history, and the top 20 contractor in the world (by ENR). Both the customer satisfaction ranking and the return ranking are rated as no. 1 (Nikkei Research). Kajima China also established in 1985 and has the first degree construction lisence, which is the highest level of construction lisence for foreign invested company. Provide various services to match customer requirements, such as feasibility study, basic plan, design, construction, engineering, construction management, production equipment installation, exisisting building diagnosis, etc.
To pursue for a company that is loved long term in China, we work hard with sincerity.

Takeshi Nishikawa

Kajima Corporation(China) Co., Ltd. Chairman


Takeshi Nishikawa (Japanese)

鹿島建設(中国)有限公司 董事長 西川 毅

Xiaohua Han (Chinese)

鹿岛建设(中国)有限公司 董事副总经理 韩小华

Andrew Neumann (English)

Kajima Corporation(China) Co., Ltd. General Manager

34 Years of Service In China

Over 100 Employees

Headquarters in Shanghai


Corporate Philosophy


: What will be our goal for our business in a measurable timeframe?
To be an adverturous hero to create future, contribute to Chinese society via technology and then become No. 1 brand in China


: What do we pursue for consistency and eternity?
Change the image of construction business. Create new value in China based on the construction technology gathered Kajima group's total power


: Who is our customer? What is our service? What is our technology?
Our customer: all enterprises and individuals related to China
Our service: World No.1 quality, World No.1 design, World No.1 network. Our technology: leading edge building design and construction technology and profes­sional design team, global human resource and network, very rich experience and know­how in China.

Core Values

:When uncertainty arises during the execution process, which principle do you base your action upon?
We will pursue for a company that is loved long term. Never be satisfied, never stop challenging.



Lei ShingInternational Plaza 11th Floor, No.1319, West Yan’anRoad, Changning, Shanghai, 200050, China
Founded in 2003
KAJIMA Corporation 100%
Business Domain
Architectural Design,ConstructionServices Construcition-Related Consulting
Business License

Contractor License

Contractor License


Buildings and structures designed and built by construction firms directly support the activities of society and individuals over a long period of time.Through its implementation of CSR, the company aims to ensure that the construction industry as a whole and Kajima in  articular,  supported by the trust of society and clients, will achieve stable  development in a manner conducive to sustainable progress for all of society.

Social contribution

Since 2007, the Shanghai Japanese Commerce and Industry Club has built and donated two elementary schools for Project Hope each year in Anhui Province,  ocated west of Shanghai.
The Club is a network of Japanese firms with a presence in Shanghai, of which Kajima is a member.
In fiscal 2008, the Club completed construction of two Project Hope schools in Lixin County, Anhui Province. After the Great Sichuan Earthquake, the question of school safety came under intense scrutiny, and a law was passed requiring that schools be built with a guarantee to last for at least 50 years. Kajima provides its assistance in carrying out structural inspections at schools to determine, among other things, the seismic stability of school buildings.

Having safe schools where children can learn contributes to local economic development,
and Kajima will continue providing technical support in hopes of bridging future relationships of friendship between Japan and China over time.



3-1, Motoakasaka1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8388, Japan
Founded in 1840
7,611 employees(Group 16,422employees)
Business Domain
Domain a Global leader in Architectural Design,ConstructionServices Construcition-Related Consulting
Operations in over 20 countries 2,000 Subsidiaries